Jorn Van Loock

Student Engineering
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I'm a student computer engineering at the KU Leuven. Currently I'm specializing in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems. My secondary specialization is to analyse and maintain the security in these networks.

In my spare time I'm quite sportive. I play basketball, love to ride my bike and race on a kart circuit.

Thesis 2012-2013

The dynamic Web 2.0 gives attackers the opportunity to break into systems using a lot of new techniques. Computer security is important on server side but also becomes more and more important on client side. Attacks like XSS, CSRF, Clickjacking, Tabnabbing, ... are now high risks on the internet. Thanks to the work of researchers, there exist some countermeasures to protect the end-users from these attacks. But none of these countermeasures is the Holy Grail of Web Application Security. Everytime a new countermeasure becomes available, the attackers find a way around it. It's a continious, never-ending game between protectors and attackers. My thesis deals with comparing countermeasures against several attacks. A test-framework will be built to test attacks with their countermeasures in a controlled environment. In cooperation with Leendert Dommicent.

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